Our Introduction & What We Do

Gowell Woven Labels

Incorporated in the year 2001, Gowell Woven Labels has acquired a distinct position in the industry as one of the leading manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of D-Mask, Taffeta, Satin, Soft Edges Label, Paper Tags, Rigid tape, Silicon Patch, Artificial PU Patches etc. In the making of such a unique range of products perfectly complimented by excellent quality & service we make use of the best of raw materials.

Labels are rightly said to be the brand ambassadors for your products, and we help our customers highlight their brands by providing the labels closest to their designs and imaginations, meeting the best technical specifications.

Gowell Woven Labels makes a slew of quality labels including Printed labels, Woven labels, Tafetta labels, D-mask labels, Satin Labels, Double Side Labels, Tubular and Quilted Labels, Laser Cut with Applique Work, Boutique Labels,Export Labels, Premium Printed Labels, Printed Fabric Labels, Cotton Printed Labels, Cotton Labels for Jute Bags, Industrial Use Labels, Labels for Security Agency, Paper Tags, Pillow & Buffing Labels etc.

Most Unique Facilities

With full in-house dyeing and lab facilities, we offer a wide variety of qualities and finishes. All our labels are manufactured using High-Tech Machineries.


Best Quality Raw Materials

We have always given high priority to innovation and design in weaving, resulting in an impressive range of label qualities, textures and finishes which go far beyond the traditional.


Expert Knowledge Advance Technology

We are the only unit in eastern india for using cent percent swiss technology with highly skilled technicians to produce high quality woven labels as per buyers requirement.


Our Speciality Reasons You Choose us

Our State-of-Art Machine is the future in label weaving field. It has compact size, efficency and top performance in yarn handling, the highest production rate with high quality woven labels, easy manteinance and low operating costs with new syncro-drive system, costant electronic monitoring on its parts with Fast-Ethernet technology, reduced air consumption and more precise adjustment of main nozzles, with new valves control, new automatic filling threading process for main nozzles, minimizing the import of power trasmission on the surface of yarn, with efficiencies and performance improvement.

Technically Strong Equipments

Collection Of Featured Products

Best Of Our Special Featured Item

Our State-of-Art Machine is the future in label weaving field. It has compact size, efficency and top performance in yarn handling, the highest productionrate with high quality woven labels, easy maintenance and low operating costs with New Syncro-Drive System.

First in All Eastern India to have this kind of machine to print coloured woven fabric. This can be best used for Royal Invitation Scrolls. It can also be used as corporate gift with Corporate Messages. Religious Messages on woven fabric can also be distributed on special ocassions.

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